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02 Sep '15

Applying Vinyl On a Jar using Reverse Weeding

Posted by Kari Kraftgineer

Hello crafty friends!

Here is a tutorial on how to apply an intricate vinyl design onto a jar using the hinge method and how to use reverse weed to clean off the design once it is applied to the jar.
In this tutorial I will be using the Swirly Pumpkin design which can be found here: Swirly Pumpkin

- Rubbing Alcohol
- Mason Jar
- Raffia Grass/Jute Cord
- Vinyl

-Electronic cutting machine (I used the Cricut Explore Air™)
-Weeding tools
-Low tack transfer tape
-Application squeegee

Step 1. Cut out the design using your electronic cutting machine. I leave a square around the design for easy alignment and application. Using an Exacto knife create an outline of the design and remove extra vinyl. This will make reverse weeding a lot easier.
DO NOT WEED THE DESIGN! Only create an outline, reverse weeding will be used to clean up the design.  See Figure 1.

Figure 1

Step 2. Apply LOW TACK transfer tape to the entire design. Squeegee the entire area to make sure the vinyl design adheres to the transfer tape. Optional-Remove the backing of the corners for easy visibility when aligning the design and applying it. See Figure 2.

Figure 2 

Step 3. Clean your jar very well with rubbing alcohol. This allows the vinyl to stick on the without any issues.

Step 4. Align the design on the jar. You can place it wherever you like; top, bottom, center. I aligned my design to the center of the two bumps on the jar.

Step 5. Once the design is in the desired location make sure the exposed transfer tape in the corners sticks to the jar. To apply the vinyl I use the hinge method. Lift half of the design and cut off the backing. Using a squeegee stick the vinyl to the jar. Do not just let the vinyl fall onto the jar, use the squeegee to stick it on. This minimizes bubbles. Follow the same process for the other half of the design. See Video 1 for a time-lapse example of the hinge method on a jar.  

Video 1- Hinge Method to Apply a Vinyl Design onto a Jar 

Step 6. Once the design is on the jar start removing the extra vinyl that does not belong to the design (weeding) This method is called reverse weeding because you weed off the extra pieces once the design is on your media. Be careful not to scratch your surface with your weeding tools. See Video 2 for a time-lapse example of the reverse weeding once the design is applied. Weeding the entire design took me less than 10 minutes. 
Note: Another method of reverse weeding is to weed the design once it is on the transfer tape. The method I used works best for me since the surface I will be applying the vinyl is a very smooth surface and its a very intricate design I need to use low tack transfer tape. Weeding an intricate design of low tack tape can easily turn into a sticky disaster.

Video 2- Time-lapse example of the reverse weeding

Step 7. Decorate the jar with either raffia grass or jute cord. I chose raffia grass. See Figure 3.

Figure 3


 Pumpkin design can be found here: Swirly Pumpkin


Thank you for this great tutorial! This looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to try it!

Posted by Dee-Ann Butler on October 28, 2015

Thank you so much! I just could not get the hang of reverse weeding until I read and watched (albeit fast) ? video. I love your swirled designed and will be purchasing.

Posted by Karen Gravatt on September 08, 2015

Very helpful. Interesting and effective method using that hinge method.

Posted by Peggy on September 02, 2015

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